Western Style Dressage Association of Canada

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Western Dressage is a new discipline to many people. WSDAC is dedicated to promoting the sport and encouraging learning through Helpful Hints provided to our members!

If you have a question please let us know at info@westernstyledressage.ca

Sanction a Show with WSDAC

Interested in sanctioning your show with WSDAC? Check out our Show Applications page. We offer three options for sanctioning: Chapter shows and Permit shows.

The Sanctioned Shows page lists the status of all shows applying to be sanctioned with WSDAC. Once a show is given an official Show Number by WSDAC, all riders who hold WSDAC memberships are eligible to have their scores tracked with WSDAC!

Lifetime Horse Performance Recognitions

Helpful Hints

Show Survey for WSDAC Sanctioned Shows

Horses that are registered with WSDAC can receive points for scores earned at sanctioned WSDAC shows. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold recognitions by Level as well as Register of Merit, Superior and Champion overall recognitions.

Best part of all...WSDAC offers our horse registration FREE of charge as part of your annual membership!