Western Style Dressage Association of Canada

Walter Mantler (DIRECTOR) & Sanctioned Show Manager

Walter started showing, training and coaching western dressage in 2014. He has been a successful participant at the shows in Canada as well as the World Shows held in Oklahoma since 2014 showing horses in Level 1, 2 & 3 Open division. Walter and his wife Gisela operate Symphony Stables and have been promoting western dressage across southern Ontario. He looks forward to working with and representing members from coast to coast to build an even better organization.

Contact: walter@westernstyledressage.ca or shows@westernstyledressage.ca

Jennifer Postma, CPA CA - Treasurer

Contact: jennifer@westernstyledressage.ca or payment@westernstyledressage.ca

Elaine Ward (DIRECTOR)  

First involved in dressage in 1973, she has ridden and trained horses to Grand Prix.  She was long listed for the Canadian Equestrian Team with her Appendix Quarter Horse mare Deja Vu and rode internationally for Canada.  Elaine was also a successful youth Western Rider.   Elaine has been using classical dressage principles to enable riders to discover this fun and innovative way of gaining communication with their horses for more than 35 years.  Elaine is one of the founding directors of WSDAC and has been promoting Western Dressage throughout Canada since 2011 helping riders discover this new and upcoming discipline.  

Contact: elaine@westernstyledressage.ca


Gwen Hall (DIRECTOR) - Vice President & Promotions and Advertising Coordinator

Gwen lives near Blenheim, Ontario.  She has been riding horses her whole life and has been involved with Western Dressage since 2013.  Gwen has been involved in the fundraising efforts of several other organizations.

Contact: gwen@westernstyledressage.ca

Bill Windsor (DIRECTOR) - President

From a very early age, Bill has been involved in the world of horses and has ridden several disciplines both English and Western, including dressage, western pleasure, reining and trail.  He has ridden and coached in the discipline of Western Dressage, from its beginnings in Southern Ontario, and he and his students hold numerous WSDAC and SCWSDAO Awards.  Bill has been and continues to promote Western Dressage, offering clinics, hosting shows and by holding his WSDAC judgeès card, all while enforcing the true spirit of the sport and its mission statement.

Contact: bill@westernstyledressage.ca

Sandy McKay - National Membership Secretary & WSDAC Points Tracking

Sandy lives near Tottenham, Ontario, and has competed in long distance trail rides with her Arabian gelding, Benson, since 2010 after a 25 year hiatus from distance riding. Sandy was on the Board of Directors and was President of the Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association (OCTRA) in the 1980's. She has ridden both English and Western with little formal training. She is now enjoying dressage based western riding instruction and embraces western dressage as something she has waited a long time for. Sandy sees western dressage as an opportunity for western riders who do not participate in traditional western disciplines to learn classical riding skills.

Contact: sandy@westernstyledressage.ca or wsdac@westernstyledressage.ca