Western Style Dressage Association of Canada

​Purpose of Regional Chapters

  • The purpose of regional chapters is to make it possible for WSD riders to have a group of likeminded, nearby individuals to participate in local shows clinics, demonstrations etc. 
  • Canada is a huge country and there is no way that WSDAC can arrange for these types of activities countrywide. Further, we view WSDAC as the steering organization, providing a foundation for Regional Chapters to build on.

​Affiliation outside of Canada

  • WSDAC welcomes members and groups outside of Canada to become affiliated

Information on Forming A Regional Chapter

Overview of Regional Chapter Structure​

  • WSDAC, as the umbrella organization is responsible for setting national standards in all aspects of Western Style Dressage for members, chapters and affiliates. Without a parent organization establishing a universal protocol, there would be confusion and a general lack of unity in training, testing, showing and competing in this discipline.  
  • WSDAC recognizes Regional Chapters based on geographical areas.

Listing of Chapters